Enough (2002) Release : 2002-05-24 Genre : Drama, Thriller Runtime : Company : Cast : Language : Descriptions Enough Working-class waitress Slim thought she was entering a life of domestic bliss when she married Mitch, the man of her dreams. After the arrival of their first child, her picture perfect life is shattered when she […]

It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) Release : 1946-12-20 Genre : Drama, Family, Fantasy Runtime : Company : Cast : Language : Descriptions It’s a Wonderful Life A holiday favourite for generations… George Bailey has spent his entire life giving to the people of Bedford Falls. All that prevents rich skinflint Mr. Potter from taking over […]

This Is the Life

This Is the Life (2008) Release : 2008-02-08 Genre : Documentary, Music Runtime : Company : Cast : Language : Descriptions This Is the Life In 1989, a collective of young artists gathered at a non-descript health food store in gang-infested South Central Los Angeles. Their mandate? To explore the musical boundaries of hip hop […]

Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful (2009) Release : 2009-06-01 Genre : Drama, Romance Runtime : Company : Cast : Language : Descriptions Life is Beautiful Erasmus compiled a few thousand Adagia, each exemplifies the classical truths that are our timeless and everyday wisdom. Life is Beautiful shows us just how wondrous life really is, by reflecting, quietly […]

This Boy’s Life

This Boy’s Life (1993) Release : 1993-04-09 Genre : Drama Runtime : Company : Cast : Language : Descriptions This Boy’s Life In 1957, a son and mother flee the East and an abusive boyfriend to find a new life, and end up in Seattle, where the mother meets a polite garage mechanic. The boy […]

The Station Agent

The Station Agent (2003) Release : 2003-01-26 Genre : Comedy, Drama Runtime : Company : Cast : Language : Descriptions The Station Agent When his only friend dies, a man born with dwarfism moves to rural New Jersey to live a life of solitude, only to meet a chatty hot dog vendor and a woman […]


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