Ice-Capades (1941) Release : 1941-08-19 Genre : Comedy, Music, Romance Runtime : Company : Cast : Language : Descriptions Ice-Capades By Republic Pictures standards, 1941’s Ice-Capades certainly qualifies as an “all-star” film. The many subplots center around a performance of the real-life Ice-Capades skating troupe, featuring such luminaries as Belita, Red McCarthy, Megan Taylor, and […]

The Great Ice-Cream Robbery

The Great Ice-Cream Robbery (1971) Release : 1971-08-25 Genre : Documentary Runtime : Company : Cast : Language : Descriptions The Great Ice-Cream Robbery Two screens of film about – and sometimes shot by – Claes Oldenburg, detailing his inspiration, his methods and his relationship with his partner Hannah Wilke.


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