The Curse of the Ghost

The Curse of the Ghost

The Curse of the Ghost (1969)

Release : 1969-06-28
Genre : Horror
Runtime : 94 minutes
Company : Daiei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
Cast : Kazuko Inano, Kei Satō, Yoshihiko Aoyama, Akiji Kobayashi
Language : ja

Descriptions The Curse of the Ghost

About 1786 the doings of a demented lord results in many masterless samurai, including Iyemon (Kei Sato) who is used to luxury and cannot adjust to the hand-to-mouth conditions & piecework of umbrella making. Having hired ruffians to make him look like a superior swordsman, he arranges for himself the opportunity of a profitable marriage. He hires the half-blind masseur Takuetsu (Sawamura Sounosuke) to seduce or rape his wife (Kyoko Mikage), so that she can be divorced or killed for adultery. But the masseur takes pity & informs Oiwa of her husband’s horrid plot. Assisted by the merchant’s daughter he intends to marry, Iyemon disfigures his wife attempting to poison her so he can marry higher. There’s a lovingly gruesome sequence as she combs blad patches into her hair, kneeling deformed at her mirror, weeping with bitterness. She eventually cuts her own throat, swearing revenge.

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